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The representation defines the basic format of documents. Generally, structures have an XML representation (which can automatically work for any structure) and at most one other representation.

The following representations are supported:

  • XML - Supports XML documents using a standard (JXerces2) parser. Import formats are XML Schema (XSD), DTD, WSDL, and an XML sample document.

  • JSON - Supports JSON documents. You can import the JSON definitions based on a JSON sample document, and you can map JSON documents as input or output.

  • Java - Supports Java objects (used with the runtime API). Import formats are Java classes, folders, or JAR files.

  • Avro - Suppports the creation of structures by importing an Avro schema and the outputting of Avro files.

  • COBOL - Suppports COBOL files in a way that has more restrictions than the flat representation but provides increased performance.

  • EDI - Supports X12 and EDIFACT EDI. Import format is Edifecs Guideline XML (gXML) Version 1.0.

  • Flat - Supports both positional and delimited (including CSV) flat files including binary and COBOL data types. Import formats are CSV sample and COBOL copybook.

  • Database - Supports reading and writing with various databases. Import format is the database.

  • IDocs - Supports reading and writing SAP IDoc files.

  • HL7v2 - Supports reading and writing HL7v2 documents.