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The tdm-api-(version).jar file implements the runtime Java API, which allows you to execute a map. Like the executable, you can specify an input and/or output document when executing the map. The runtime API is fully multi-threaded.

The runtime Java API is described in the Javadoc, which is located in the javadocs directory of the runtime installation directory. The tdm-api-(version).jar file contains all of the code on which the Data Mapper Runtime is dependent and is all you need for using the API.

If you are using the database support (that is you are accessing any databases in your maps), then you must also include the JDBC driver files in your classpath for the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, and DB2.

When you execute the runtime in the Java API you will specify the location of the projects to include using API methods.

In addition to executing a map, you can explicitly validate the map using the API. Validation is done automatically when a map is executed, so the use of the explicit validation method is optional.

The map validation and execution results are returned in the form of an ExecutionStatus object. This object contains both warnings and errors associated with the map validation as well as any issues encountered in the processing of the input or output documents, depending on the level of validation selected. The ExecutionStatus object is designed to be programmatically analyzed.