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Declares an element to be a validation group.


A validation group is used to identify an element where you want to take additional action (like filter it out of a loop) or provide additional reporting in the event of a validation failure within the group. The validation group is used with the IsValid loop filter function to filter valid elements.

If a validation report happens to an element within the validation group (that is an element that is equal to or subordinate to the element associated with the validation group function), than a separate validation report is made according to this function, which is associated with the triggering validation report. This allows you to provide additional context for validation reports in a group.

This function may be specified only in the validate expression tab of the desired element.

This function also allows the CondValidateReport function to be specified whose value is passed through, so that you may also provide validation directly on the element that is a validation group.

Return Type



Condition (Boolean)

Used to allow for a CondValidateReport to be used in this expression. Has no effect on the execution of this function, the Condition value is merely passed through as the return value of this function.


Data (Simple (variable))

Any number of expressions that data to be associated with the validation report. These are reported as name/value pairs in the validation report. If an expression specified here is a [map] element reference, the name is taken to be the name of the [map] element and the value is the element's value. Use the Property function with other types of expressions to provide the name label in the validation report.



The severity of the validation issue which is either informational, warning, or error.



Text describing the validation issue.


Error Number

An optional number that identifies the validation issue.