Designer and Runtime Compatibility - 6.3

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Care must be taken regarding map and structure compatibility between the designer and runtime since they may be different releases of Talend Data Mapper. It is possible to use a newer release of the designer than the runtime and therefore create a map that the runtime will not be able to process. If this happens, the runtime will give a clear error message indicating it could not open the map because of a version mismatch. At this point you will need to use a runtime of the same or later release than the designer that produced the map to execute the map.

As of release 3.1.0, designers and runtimes within the same major and minor version (e.g. 3.1.x) are guaranteed to be compatible. So for example, you could create a map in designer version 3.2.4 and execute it on a 3.2.0 runtime. However you would not necessarily be able to execute the map with a 3.1.4 runtime.