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Loop using values from a previous output map element loop.


This loop function can be used only in the loop expression tab and specifies that this output map element is to loop using the values that were provided in the loop expression from the specified map element. It may only be used for map elements that occur after the specified map element in the map output. This function is generally used in conjunction with references to output map elements.

The difference between this and the LoopCopy function is that this may be used only after the output map element to which it refers, and this will use the same values produced in the original loop without reexecuting the loop expression that created the loop.


Map Element (Map Element)

An output map element that has a loop expression that occurs before this output map element in the map output.


Contexts (Either NestedContext or EnclosingContext functions)

Specify either the EnclosingContext and/or NestedContext function. EnclosingContext specifies the output map element that encloses this loop. If not specified, the nearest looping ancestor map element is used.

NestedContext allows another loop expression to be specified within this loop expression.