Automatic Installation in Local File System - 6.3

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When the runtime executes it depends on various files to be present in the local file system. To do this, it automatically creates these files, installing the product from the content in the runtime Jar file if they are not already present. Once these files are created they are only read; nothing related to execution of maps is stored in this area and it can be freely shared by anyone on the same machine. This installation directory is expected to be a local directory named by the ODT_INSTALL_DIR Java System property. This directory is automatically created if it does not exist on the first execution of the runtime. You can use the same ODT_INSTALL_DIR property for all installations, since the installation is installed into a subdirectory that is qualified by product identification (across all Talend transformation product variants and brandings), user name (to prevent permissions problems), and the full version string.

If the ODT_INSTALL_DIR Java System property is not set, the installation will take place into a temporary directory.

Whether or not the ODT_INSTALL_DIR property is specified, these files may be freely deleted at any time (when the product is not running) and they will be automatically and silently recreated. If you are interested in the details about exactly where these files are created and seeing when the are created, specify the log="all" attribute in your transformer or service configuration.