Inheritance Properties - 6.3

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The following properties are used when an element inherits from another structure.

Inherits From

Specifies the structure from which this element inherits. The specified structure is known as the parent structure, and the structure containing this element is the child structure.

Inherited Root

Specifies how to reconcile the root element from the parent structure with this element. When you inherit from a structure, you might want element properties to come from the (current) element in the child structure, or from the root element of the parent structure, or some combination of the two. The following options are possible:

  • Use Only Children - Only the properties from the child elements are included in the child structure under this element. The properties of the root element of the parent (inherited) structure are ignored.

  • Use Everything - The element properties of the current element are ignored, and all of its properties are inherited from the root element of the parent (inherited) structure.

  • Use All Except Name/Occurs - All properties of the root element of the parent (inherited) structure are inherited, except for the name, description, and occurs properties. These properties are defined by this element in the child structure. This corresponds to the type of inheritance defined in XML Schema by a particle.


This property is set when an inheritance conflict is detected. It remains set (and gives a validation warning each time the structure is validated) until you reset it manually. Generally, when there is a conflict, you take some action to resolve the conflict correctly, and then reset the property. The validation warnings will then go away.

Ignore Inherited Adds?

Typically, when you modify elements in a parent structure, the changes are also applied to its child structure. However, if you have already made changes to a child structure, you might not want changes in the parent to affect it. For example, if you modify a child structure and remove codes that are not in use, you won't want the list of codes to be updated if you migrate the parent structure to a new version of a standard. To prevent these updates from happening to the child structure, check the Ignore Inherited Adds check box. This will automatically be checked if you delete elements with the type of Value in a child structure.

If the Ignore Inherited Adds check box is selected (on), elements added to the parent structure will also not be added to this element.