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Maps, structures and the like are managed as resources in the workspace. These are essentially files that contain XML that defines the map or structure. In addition to these files there is a requirement for metadata that applies to the entire project. This data is kept in the project properties file for each project which is called .settings/com.oaklandsw.base.projectProps . The project properties file is automatically maintained and generally requires no intervention. If you are using a source control system, it's important that the project properties file be checked in when you change any objects in the project.

The project properties file consists of the following:

  • Project classpath - The classpath associated with the project that is maintained in the project's Data Mapper Properties.

  • Dependency Information - This is automatically calculated when objects are saved.

  • Folder Order Information - The order in which the folders associated with the project are presented.

Generally, the project properties file is automatically built and updated as objects are saved. However there are some times when the dependency information might need to be rebuilt. You can do this manually by clicking on the Rebuild Project Properties File in the context menu associated with the project in the Repository navigator.