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Talend Data Mapper User Guide

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The studio has extensive support for sample documents which can be used to help understand and define structures and help create maps. Sample documents are normally associated with a structure and are requested when needed (to display output for example). By default, they are stored persistently in the Sample Data folder of the project that contains the structure. The path of the structure including the name of the structure is the path under the Sample Data folder contain the sample documents. For example, if you have a structure named Structure1, the sample documents for that structure would be in the Sample Data/Structure1 folder of the project that contains the structure.

You can also set the path to the sample documents associated with a structure explicitly in the structure's properties. This is useful for cases where you wish to share a pool of sample documents among many structures.

For structures that are in read-only projects, like Builtin and Examples, it is not possible to associate the sample documents with the structure. In these situations, the sample documents are associated with the map.

Sample documents can be viewed in a variety of ways in both the structure and map editor. They can be shown either partially (associated with a structure or map element), or in their entirety. Also, sample documents can be created as the result of the execution of a map.

When testing maps associated with a structure, any sample documents associated with that structure are available to the map.

Sample objects are possible for Java as well. The Java Sample Data Objects described how you can create these.