Moving Expression References - 6.3

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In cases where an input structure of a map has changed and elements of the input structure have moved, you need to be able to fix the map to refer to the moved elements. You can easily do this using Move Expression References on the map element(s) that have moved. When you do this, all references that were original element are changed to the moved element. This also applies to the children of the original and moved elements which are matched up by name.

To move the map element's references, select the original map element you have moved (which is usually a red-circle invalid map element), right-click and select Move Expression References. This will present you with a dialog where you select the map element you wish to move to.

It will when search through all map element references to the original map element and delete them, and then add a new reference to the element you are moving to. If for some reason there is a problem moving an element, you will get an error dialog and nothing will be moved. Also, the expression moving applies to all children of the original and moved elements that are matched by map element name (in exactly the same way mapping from an input map element with children to an output map element with children is done).