Flat (including CSV) Examples - 6.3

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To access the Flat examples, go to Other Projects>Examples>Maps>CSV.

  • The POPayPalCsv_PO2 map is a simple example of a mapping of CSV data of a PayPal purchase into an XML structure that defines a simple purchase order.

  • The AcmePOToFlat is a mapping of the Acme purchase order XML to a corresponding binary flat file. The structure of the flat file has a tag in the first four bytes that indicates the type of data, with PO indicating the beginning of a new purchase order, DEL a delivery, and ITEM an item. Note that the structure definitions are identical as shown in the map. If you look at the output structure (Structures>Simple>AcmeRetailer/AcmePOFlat) you can see that the elements have delimited initiators, for example the /POs/PO element, so that the flat file contains tags that show the type of each record.