Sample Documents and Structures - 6.3

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You can import and edit sample instance documents into a structure so that the documents are used when viewing or editing the structure elements. By default, these sample documents are stored in the workspace in the Sample Data folder (with the path to the structure as subfolders), so there is no need to refer to the original sample document files once they are imported. You can also override this default location of the sample documents by specifying the path in the structure's properties. The structure's instance documents can also be used when testing maps.

Any number of sample documents can be associated with a structure. Only a single sample document is the current document when you are editing or viewing a structure. Using the Show > Select Sample Document menu item, you can set the current document or import a new document. However, the first sample document shown under the "documents" header will be the default document that is opened when the structure is viewed or edited. The sample document appears on the Documents tab of the structure editor. As you click elements, they are highlighted in the sample document if you have the Automatically load the default sample document preference set.