Database Representation Properties (Single Row Table Structures) - 6.3

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The database representation describes properties associated with each table.

The following properties are available:

  • Database - Refers to the database node which contains the global information for the database.

  • Database Table - The table in the database corresponding to this structure.

  • Primary Key Columns - Select the column(s) that form the primary key for this table. These will be automatically set on the import.

  • Primary Key Generation - This controls how the primary key is to be generated for this table. Select one of the following options:

    • None - Does not generate anything for the primary key. The value is expected to be mapped.

    • Native - Automatically select the primary key generation most appropriate for the database.

    • Identity - Supports identity columns in DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase and HypersonicSQL. The used for identity columns whose type is long, short or int.

    • Increment - Generate a sequential number by incrementing a local value before an item is inserted.


      This is not suitable for an multi-user (including multi-threaded) environment where more than one process/thread may be inserting into the same table at a time.

    • Sequence - Uses a sequence in DB2, PostgreSQL, or Oracle. The used for identity columns whose type is long, short or int.

  • Generation Sequence Name - Used in the case where Primary Key Generation is either Sequence or Native (and the native implementation uses Sequence). This specifies the sequence name to be used. If not specified, hibernate_sequence is used.

See also the common properties associated with representations.