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Talend Data Mapper comes with a scripting capability that can be used to create and edit structures and maps directly from a command line. It is available with any Talend Data Mapper API jar file (tdm-api-<version>.jar or tdm-camel-<version>.jar).

The scripting capability works in a workspace and a project designated by the user. It is recommended to use a different workspace from the one used by Talend Studio, as objects created in this way cannot be used directly by the Studio because they do not have the accompanying .properties files, and then import the objects you create into the Studio later.

To import any objects created by the Talend Data Mapper scripting capability into the Studio, you must import the relevant project from your local workspace into the Studio. When you import the project, take care to select the Copy projects into workspace checkbox, or else the project will be linked to the workspace.

For more information on how to import projects, see Talend Studio User Guide.

Example syntax for the Talend Data Mapper scripting capability commands

This table provides some examples of the syntax for the Talend Data Mapper scripting capability.

Specify which workspace to usejava -jar tdm-api-<version>.jar -editor data <path>java -jar tdm-api-5.6.2.jar -editor -data c:/Talend/Studio/myworkspace
Create a project in a workspacejava -jar tdm-api-<5.6.2>.jar -editor -action create -project <project_name> -data <path_to_workspace>java -jar tdm-api-5.6.2.jar -editor -action create -project myproject -data myworkspace

The -help command provides a complete list of all available commands and their syntax.