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Writes this map element to an ESB message.


The WriteMessage function may be used only as an I/O expression. Specify it as the I/O expression of the element that contains the data to be written. A message will be sent during the map execution from the values of the element containing the I/O expression and any subordinate elements.

Writing Message Properties - if you want to write properties into the message, they can be provided from map elements. To do this the first child map element must specify the WriteMessageProperties I/O function, inherit from the /Builtin/Structures/Properties structure, and must be a loop. When the message is written, the properties of the message are populated from the values in this structure.

You may use this function in multiple map elements in order to write multiple messages. You may not however nest the use of this function. In other words, if a map element contains an I/O expression, no subordinate map element may contain an I/O expression. See the discussion on Input/Output for further details.

Return Type

N/A (this function may be used only as an I/O expression)



The properties to be passed to the message.



The ESB endpoint to which the message will be sent. With some ESBs the endpoint is a rather physical configuration dependent setting so the use of the message properties are preferred to allow the message to be routed by the settings in the ESB configuration.


Write Execution Context Properties

Check this if you wish to have the map execution context properties added to the message. The default is they are not added. When a map is executed, the map execution context properties include the properties of the inbound ESB message that triggered the map.