Security roles - 7.3

Talend Data Catalog Administration Guide

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As an administrator, you grant access rights to catalog objects using predefined security and data security roles, and steward assignment.

  • Security roles determine which actions a user or group can perform on the catalog content. There are predefined roles, including Viewer, Editor, Manager and Security Manager.
  • Data security roles apply to data sampling and profiling. There are predefined roles, including Data Viewer and Data Manager.
  • Stewards are responsible for objects in the catalog, such as for the definition, purpose and use. They can be assigned to various types of objects, such as glossary categories and terms or database tables. They have at least the Editor security role to work with objects.

The table below describes the actions associated with each type of security roles, data security roles and a steward assignment.

Actions Security roles Data security roles Steward
Viewer Editor Manager Security Manager Data Viewer Data Manager
Security management
Assign security roles on folders and objects            
Repository management
View the folder properties          
Edit the folder properties            
Create, delete and move child folders and objects            
Edit object properties            
Create and delete child versions of objects          
Edit version properties            
Set default version            
Archive an object version            
Publish an object version            
Configuration management
Add, remove and replace objects in a configuration and edit connections            
Publish a configuration version            
Content of metadata objects
Add and remove labels            
Add, edit and remove your comments            
Add, edit and delete your endorsements and warnings            
Add, edit and delete certifications            
View audit log            
Content of data objects
View data profiling/sampling details            
Run data profiling/sampling            
Hide profiling/sampling data            
Glossary workflow
Enable and disable workflow            
Assign workflow roles