Configuring SMTP - 7.3

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From MANAGE > Email, you set up the parameters of the email system which sends the notifications.

Talend Data Catalog supports SSL/TLS for email servers. The server detects SSL/TLS automatically and you do not need to explicitly request it.

Before you begin

  • You have signed in as a user assigned to an administrator group.
  • Your email server provides SMTP access.


  1. Go to MANAGE > Email.
  2. Select the Enable SMTP check box.
  3. Fill in the following parameters.
    Field Description
    Host Name Type in the IP address of your mail server.
    Port Type in the port of your mail server.
    User Name Type in the email address used when connecting to the SMTP server.
    Password Type in the password used when connecting to the SMTP server.
    Sender Address Type in the email address that will be displayed as the sender information in the email notifications received by the recipients.
    External URL Optionally, enter a link that points to the Talend Data Catalog server, for example http://localhost:11480/MM. The recipients can open the link from the email notifications.

    To have the server name instead of localhost in the URL for the glossary notifications, you can replace the M_SERVER_FQDN=localhost{code} parameter with M_SERVER_FQDN=server_name{code} in the tomcat/conf/ file.

  4. Click the Send Test Email button.
  5. Type in the recipient and click Send.
    • An alert message displays when the test message has been sent successfully.
    • An error message displays when the test message has been failed. Click Show Details for more information.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save.