Databases - 6.1

Talend Big Data Release Notes

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Teradata SCD capability

A new component, tTeradataSCDELT, has been created to allow you to track changes in a Teradata SCD table.

Exasol 5 support

The Studio now supports Exasol 5 via the following components:

  • tEXABulkExec

  • tEXAClose

  • tEXACommit

  • tEXAConnection

  • tEXAInput

  • tEXAOutput

  • tEXARollback

  • tEXARow

DB2 Continuous Data Ingest support

tDB2BulkExec now supports the Continuous Data Ingest feature.

Upgraded Sybase IQ support

tSybaseIQBulkExec now allows you to load data into Sybase IQ database from either a local file or a database table.