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Improved FTP support

The FTP components now allow you to set the encoding used to convert file names from Strings to bytes via the new Filename encoding property when connecting to an FTP server via an SFTP connection.

Enhancements in file archiving

Gzip support

tFileArchive can now zip files into .tar.gz and .gzip archives, in addition to the .zip format support.

Encryption enhancement

tFileArchive and tFileUnarchive can now work with the Zip4j AES 128-bit and Zip4j standard encryption methods in addition to Java encryption and Zip4j AES 256-bit encryption.

Log4j information output

tLogRow now supports Log4j for output information.

JMS Durable Subscription support

With the Durable Subscription feature enabled, tJMSInput now allows the subscriber to receive messages while inactive.

Upgraded support of Marketo

Marketo components can now handle data using either the SOAP API or the REST API.