Configuring the Talend Administration Center - 6.4

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  1. Click the Configuration link in the left-hand menu to finish configuring the Talend Administration Center.

    Most of the warnings displaying are due to the fact that you did not start all the modules of the product yet. For example:

    • Commandline/secondary will turn green only if you decide to use and start a secondary commandline, which will not be the case in the following demo use cases.

    • Software Update will turn green if you start the dedicated Talend Artifact Repository, which will not be the case in the following demo use cases.

    • The Commandline/primary section should be green if you installed Talend Administration Center using the Talend Installer.

  2. For the Artifact Repository section of the Talend Administration Center Configuration page, simply start the Talend Artifact Repository.

    The Talend Artifact Repository is provided with the Talend Administration Center. So, if you installed the product via the Talend Installer, you will find it in the tac folder of your installation, in an Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.E subfolder. If you installed the product manually, the Talend Artifact Repository will be available in the Talend Administration Center package as well (Talend-AdministrationCenter-rXXXXXX-VA.B.C).

  3. From the Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.E directory, run:
    • ./bin/nexus console (Linux)
    • .\bin\nexus.bat console (Windows).

    It will now be running on http://localhost:8081/nexus/index.html. Replace localhost and 8081 with the IP address and the port of the server on which you installed the Talend Artifact Repository. You can log in with the default login and password: admin/Talend123

  4. To configure the Job conductor parameters, create two folders in the machine in which Talend Administration Center is installed by replicating the directories given by default.
  5. Configure the Logging parameters by filling in the path to technical and business log files.

    The Logstash host and port parameter will get green when you will start the Talend Log Server, by executing start_logserver.bat (Windows) or (Linux), which will not be the case in the following demo use cases.

  6. Configure the Svn or Git parameters by filling in the connection information to your SVN or Git.