Using the console commands - 7.0

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To see a list of the available commands in the Talend Runtime container (or Karaf) console press the tab at the prompt.

The tab key toggles completion anywhere on the line, so if you want to see the commands in the feature group, type the first letters and hit tab. Depending on the commands, completion may be available on options and arguments too.

To view help on a particular command, type the command followed by --help or use the help command followed by the name of the command:

karaf@trun> feature:list --help


karaf@trun> help feature:list

   Lists all existing features available from the defined repositories

   feature:list [options]

   -o, --ordered
      Display a list using alphabetical order
      Display this help message
   -i, --installed
      Display a list of all installed features only
   -r, --required
      Display a list of all required features only
   -s, --show-hidden
      Display hidden features
      Disable table rendered output

This chapter gives a summary of the commands, grouped by scope; help for each command is also available online at the Apache Karaf website.