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Talend ESB is a versatile and flexible ESB that allows organizations to address diverse integration challenges. It supports a broad set of standard transports and protocols, as well as enterprise integration patterns (EIPs), a common set of best practice descriptions developed to design effective messaging solutions. Available in several packages, Talend ESB is open and standards-based to allow wide interoperability with existing and legacy infrastructure components.

Talend invests, promotes and nurtures the underlying technology of Talend ESB through its participation in the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a leading open source community recognized for its transparency and for delivering enterprise-grade, freely available software products that are designed and built from a diverse community of users. Increasingly, the open source communities -rather than the vendors of proprietary software - are driving the next generation of innovations.

Leveraging Apache CXF, Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ open source integration projects, Talend ESB makes enterprise-class integration accessible by delivering a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to integrate and expand systems and applications.

An open source services framework, Apache CXF helps companies build and develop services using front-end programming APIs like JAX-WS and JAX-RS.

Apache Camel is a powerful open source integration framework that lets you leverage EIPs to implement routing, transformation and mediation rules.

Powered by Apache ActiveMQ, the most popular open source messaging provider, each message broker can handle myriad connections while processing thousands of persistent messages per second.