Installing the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console (optional) - 6.2

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The availability of this tool depends on the options enabled in your license.

By default, an installer (.jar file) is provided to help you install the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console in a simple click-next steps. Just double-click on the .jar file provided by Talend and follow the instructions. The .jar file is a java installer which installs both a Tomcat server and a .war file that is deployed at server startup.

However, if you wish to deploy Talend Data Stewardship Console in a different application server, you will need a .war file that can be provided by Talend. You must then perform all installation operations manually as they will depend on your application server. For more information on how to configure the database after a manual installation, see Configuring the database if you installed the stewardship console manually using a .war file.


  • You must have installed a JVM.

  • If you choose not to install Tomcat when installing Talend Data Stewardship Console, a Tomcat application server should be installed.

  • If you choose a MySQL database connection, you must create the database dedicated to the stewardship console before or after the installation.