Creating a collaborative project and assign it to a user - 7.1

Setting up your remote project in Talend Administration Center

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To be able to work collaboratively on a project, you have to create at least one user, one project and authorize this user on the project in order for him to open it from the Talend Studio.


  1. On the Users page of Talend Administration Center, click Add to add a user and fill the required fields of the form before saving it.

    The SVN/Git credentials must correspond to an existing account (such as the credentials you have entered on the Configuration page), and the user Type must be Data Quality.

    Note that, if your license includes Talend Data Preparation users, you need to select the Data Preparation User check box and select its roles.

  2. (Optional) From the User Groups page of Talend Administration Center, organize existing users in groups based on their type (Data Quality, Data Preparation). Once created, these groups can be assigned to projects of the same type.
  3. On the Projects page, click Add to add a project and fill the required fields of the form before saving it.
    The project Type must be Data Quality and the Storage must be either SVN or Git, depending on the server in which you will store the projects.
  4. On the Project Authorizations page, click the project you have created in the Project panel, then click the Read Write icon next to your user in the User/Group Authorizations panel to give access to the project.


The cloud_project is now created on the repository and the user can access it from Talend Studio. For more information on how to launch Talend Studio and set up a connection to Talend Administration Center, see Setting up a connection to the remote project in Talend Studio and the Talend Studio Developer Guide.