Defining Password Policy

Managing Users and Projects in Talend Management Console

Talend Integration Cloud
Administration and Monitoring > Managing users
Talend Management Console

Define automatic password expiration and the maximum number of subsequent failed login attempts for all account users.

You can toggle each of these options on or off without erasing your configuration. Both options can be applied to all users of the account.


  1. In Talend Management Console, click Users on the left panel to access the list of users.
  2. Click Password Policy.
  3. Enable User Lock-out, and define the number of subsequent failed login attempts and the Disabled duration (in seconds).

    When exceeding the number of failed attempts, users must wait for the user lock-out to expire.

  4. Enable Password Expiration and define the Expiration interval (in days).

    When you enable this option, all passwords expire immediately. On next reconnection, users are asked to set a new password.

    Passwords must include lowercase, uppercase, one or more special characters and be at least 8 characters long.

  5. Click Save.


The new password policy applies to every user.