Getting and managing the License key - 6.2

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In the case of migration from one version to another, you might be required to manage a license key at various application levels: Talend Administration Center, Talend Studio and possibly the Talend Activity Monitoring Console.

Before starting to use Talend Administration Center, you need to enter your license key:

  1. Click License on the navigation bar.

  2. Then click Edit License key.

  3. Copy-paste the license key.


If your Web access is restricted, you may need to click Validate your license manually to perform the validation of your license key. Follow the instructions on screen.

For more information about the license key request, see the Talend Installation Guide.

Then to be able to launch the Studio, copy and paste the License key in a file (without extension) that you will place at the root of the application installation directory.


This license key is required for the Studio to start.