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On the Main Chart view of the Talend Activity Monitoring Console window, various charts are provided to illustrate the Job instance you selected. These charts help you to quickly and intuitively understand the behaviour of Talend Jobs illustrated by the collected log data.

The chart varies depending on the Job selected on the Jobs view or on the Detailed History view.

Line chart (standalone Job)

Select a Job instance on the Jobs view to display on the Main Chart view, the line chart corresponding to the various Job execution points plotted on the graph and joined together by a line.

The vertical (y) axis of the chart corresponds to the scale of time (in seconds) needed for the execution of the Job selected.

The horizontal (x) axis of the chart corresponds to the moment (date and time) of each execution.

Multiple-line charts

On the Jobs view, select several Job instances using the Shift key, to display a multiple-line chart on the Main Chart view.

Each instance shows in a different color, defined in a caption at the bottom of the chart.

Stacked bar chart (Parent Job)

A parent Job is a Job that runs one or several subjobs. These subjobs are called child Jobs. The parent Job (or master Job) contains the tRunJob component.

If the Job you selected on the Job Information table is a parent Job, the Charts view changes to a Bar chart stacking all child Jobs above the parent Job.

This Stacked bar graph shows obvious differences in respective time execution and thus help comparing the master Jobs and its child Jobs.

The vertical (y) axis of the chart shows the scale of the time (in seconds) elapsed for the overall execution of the master Job selected including its related child Jobs.

The horizontal (x) axis of the chart shows the moment (date and time) of each execution allowing you to see the evolution and possible changes over a set amount of days.

Pie chart (components)

In the Detailed History view, select an instance of the Job execution. The Main Chart view displays the time share taken by each component in the overall Job execution time.

The pie chart is thus divided among all components composing the Job and having the tStatCatcher statistics option checked (on in their respective Component view of your Talend Studio).

Each component shows in a different color, defined in a caption at the bottom of the chart. A detailed information about each share is provided next to the pie chart.

If the Job instance is a parent Job, the pie chart shows the execution time share between each children Job if you selected the tStatCatcher Statistics check box on each of tRunJob component calling in a new child Job.

Multiple-chart views

You can have several Main Chart views opened at the same time on your Talend Activity Monitoring Console, in order to overlay different aspects of your Jobs in a mosaic of charts. This feature removes the need for manually switching between individual charts.

To duplicate the Main Chart view, click on the Chart button (Open as a fixed chart) at the top right hand side.

The Fixed Chart view opens up at the top of the window, but cannot be moved around as you can do with the Main Chart view.