Link Talend Administration Center to your version control system - 6.5

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  1. Click Configuration to access the setting page of Talend Administration Center.
  2. Change the following parameters for the Git or SVN module using the parameters you have set during the installation process of the Git or SVN server.
    Parameter name Description
    Server Location URL Git or SVN repository URL.
    Username Git or SVN repository user.
    Password Git or SVN repository password.
    Note: If you use multi-factor authentication or single sign-on for your version control system, you should generate a personal access token (Git) or a token (SVN), and use this in place of your password when setting up your version control system in Talend Administration Center.
    For examples of Git or SVN URLs, and more details, see Installing and configuring an Apache Subversion (SVN) server and Installing and configuring Git.
    If you use several Git or SVN repositories to store your projects, refer to the User Guide of Talend Administration Center and check the Advanced settings procedure.


The link to Git or SVN is now established, you can thus create a new project in order for the Talend clients to have at least one project in their workspace.

Next steps:

  • Create one or more users from the Users page.

  • Create a new, remote, collaborative project from the Projects page.

  • Associate the user(s) with the project from the Project authorizations page.

For more details, see the Talend Administration Center User Guide.