Installing Talend Log Server as a service - 6.5

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  1. Download the nssm service wrapper archive file from this website and extract it to the directory of your choice. It holds a service wrapper for Windows.
  2. At the root of the Talend Log Server installation directory, put the nssm.exe file corresponding to your operating system.
  3. Create a directory called sincedb.
  4. Open a CMD window in Administrator mode.
  5. Browse to the Talend Log Server installation directory and execute the following command:
    nssm.exe install TalendLogserver start_logserver.bat
  6. Use the following command to define the location of the start_logserver.bat file:
    nssm.exe set TalendLogserver AppDirectory <path_to_start_logserver.bat>


The Talend Log Server service is created.