Configuring the Software Update repository in Talend Administration Center - 6.5

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Once you installed Talend Artifact Repository and started it, you can configure it to use Talend Software Update.

Once you have launched and configured the Software Update repository, go to the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center and fill in the following information in the Software Update group:

  • Talend update url: Location URL to the Talend remote repository from which software updates are retrieved, this field is filled by default.

  • Talend update username et Talend update password: Type in the credentials of the software update repository user that you received from Talend.

  • Local repository url: Type in the location URL to the repository where software updates are stored. By default, it is http://localhost:8081/nexus/.

  • Local deployment username and Local deployment password: Type in the credentials of the user with deployment rights to the local repository. By default, it is talend-updates-admin/talend-updates-admin.

  • Local reader username and Local reader password: Type in the credentials of the user with read rights to the local repository. By default, no credentials are required but you are free to define them if you want to disable public access to the repository.

  • Local repository ID: Type in the ID of the repository in which software updates are published. By default, it is talend-updates.

In the Software Update page of Talend Administration Center, you can now see the versions and patches available and download them according to your needs.