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Talend Data Services Platform Release Notes

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Log4j information output

tLogRow now supports Log4j for output information.

Upgraded XML validation support

tXSDValidator now allows you to enable feature(s) on the underlying parser.

Upgraded HTTP request support

tHttpRequest now allows you to specify the Connect timeout and Read timeout for a request.

Upgraded Salesforce API

The Salesforce v37 is now supported.

Improved Salesforce upsert operation

tSalesforceOutput now supports upserting a lookup field with NULL input values by adding the new Lookup field name column in the Relationship mapping for upsert table in the Advanced settings view.

Updates of Marketo components

The default API mode of the Marketo components has been set to the REST API.

Upgrade of messaging components

ActiveMQ 5.13 and WebSphere MQ 8.0 are now supported by the tJMS*** and tMom*** components.

Upgraded email support

tPOP now supports retrieving a specified number of the most recent email messages and returning the messages in chronological order by adding a "Newer email first" check box.