Exporting a preparation made on a Live dataset - 2.1

Guide utilisateur de Talend Data Preparation

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Talend Data Preparation
When you are finished preparing a dataset created from an on-demand Job execution, you may want to export your data.


  1. Click the Export button in the application header bar.
  2. Choose the file format you want to use when exporting your data.
    • If you choose CSV, choose a delimiter to use and enter a name for the file to export.
    • If you choose XLSX, or Tableau choose a name for the file to export.
  3. Click Confirm.


The export operation is processed on the Talend Data Preparation server.

If your preparation was made on a dataset smaller than 10 000 rows, the download automatically starts. But if you chose to export more than 10 000 rows, you must wait for the export process to end, and download your output file in the Export history page. For more information, see The export history page.

The export process triggers a refresh in the data that is fetched from Job execution, guaranteeing that the data displayed in the output is always up to date.