Adding a mapping component - 7.1

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The procedure below shows how to add a mapping component by typing the component name directly on the existing connection.


  1. In the new Job named filter_movies, select the Row connection linking the tFileInputDelimited and tLogRow components, and type name of tMap or part of it.

    When you start typing the component name, a list of components that match your input appears. You can select a component to view its description besides the component list.

  2. Double-click tMap on the list to added it onto the connection.

    The newly added tMap component is now connected with the input component, and a dialog box opens asking you to give a name to the new output connection.

  3. Enter a name for the new output connection, Valid_movies in this example, and click OK. When asked whether you want to propagate the input schema to the target output component, click Yes.


The tMap component is now added to the Job and connected with the two existing components via Row > Main connections.