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Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Linux

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To deploy Data Services or Routes from Talend Cloud Management Console, you must configure run profiles for the Talend Remote Engine on which you want execute the task.

Before you begin

  • You must have Infrastructure Administrator role in Talend Cloud Management Console.


  1. Go to the Engines page.
  2. Select the correct environment from the top menu.


  3. Click the name of the remote engine.
  4. Click the RUN PROFILES tab in the ENGINE DETAILS page.
  5. Optional: Select the Microservice (Execute Data Service / Route Microservice) check box if you want to execute Microservices on the remote engine.
  6. Optional: Select the Talend Runtime (Execute Data Service / Route OSGi) check box if you want to execute OSGi Routes or Data Services on the remote engine.
    OSGi Route and Data Service deployments require the installation of Talend Runtime. Talend Runtime must be installed and running on the same machine as the Talend Remote Engine.
  7. Select the Talend Studio version with which your artifact, and both your Talend Remote Engine and Talend Runtime version is compatible with. For the compatibility matrix, see Artifact Compatibility for Cloud Engine and Remote Engines.
    The system check will prevent you from executing a task on an incompatible Remote Engine version.