Creating Remote Engine clusters - Cloud

Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Linux

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Talend Remote Engine

Before you begin

  • You must have Infrastructure Administrator role in Talend Cloud Management Console.


  1. Open Talend Cloud Management Console.
  2. Go to the Engines page.
  3. Click ADD and select Remote Engine Cluster from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the environment in which to create the cluster.
    The current environment is selected by default.
  5. Optional: Select the workspace to which you want to assign the cluster.
    By default, clusters can be used in all the workspaces of the environment. In this step, you can allocate the engine cluster to be available in only one specific workspace.
  6. Enter a name and description.
  7. Click SAVE.

What to do next

Add Remote Engines to the cluster to start running your tasks on it.