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Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Talend Remote Engine
When you download the latest Remote Engine version, you can re-pair this Remote Engine with your account. Re-pairing enables Talend Cloud Management Console to retain the execution runtime settings for all Tasks set to execute with the Remote Engine as you are installing the new version.


  1. Stop the existing Remote Engine service and application.
  2. Step into the folder of the existing Remote Engine (<RemonteEngineInstallationDirectory>) and uninstall it by running the uninstall.exe or uninstall file.
    Ensure that none of the Remote Engine files are open when starting the process.
  3. Make sure that the <RemonteEngineInstallationDirectory> and its contents have been completely removed from your drive.
  4. Open Talend Cloud Management Console.
  5. Go to the ENGINES page.
  6. Select the correct environment from the top menu.


  7. Open the Remote Engine you want to upgrade.
  8. Click INFO.
  9. Click RE-PAIR.


  10. Confirm the un-pairing in the pop-up window.


    A new Remote Engine key is generated that you can copy from the INFO tab of the engine.
  11. After closing the ENGINE DETAILS panel, click the icon to download the latest version of the Talend Remote Engine.
  12. Run the installer as Administrator.
    During the installation procedure, provide the generated key.


The latest version of Remote Engine is installed on your computer and paired with your Talend Cloud account.