Verifying the match rule from Talend MDM Web UI - 6.5

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Once you have defined a match rule and then attached the match rule to a specific entity of a data model in Talend Studio, you can check whether the match rule works well from Talend MDM Web UI.

In this scenario, the following tasks will be verified:

  • A staging area validation task will be performed on the staging Customer data records pending validation.
  • Similar staging data records that belong to the same Customer entity will be matched according to the criteria you have defined in the match rule.
  • If two or more data records are similar enough, they will be merged into a golden record.
  • A task will be created in Talend Data Stewardship for each golden record whose status is not 205. Note that the Talend Data Stewardship task will not be created if the golden record was built by a group with only one staging data record.
  • The validated golden record whose status is 205 will be written into the master database.

For more information about the integrated matching process, see the Talend MDM Web UI User Guide.

Before you begin

  • You have been assigned an MDM role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights.
  • Make sure the staging Customer data container has already been populated with customer data collected from different sources.
  • You can log in to Talend Data Stewardship using credentials which have access rights to the merging tasks.

    For more information about credentials in Talend Data Stewardship, see Defining roles in the Merging campaign.


  1. In the Menu panel, click Browse > Staging Data Browser to open the Staging Data Browser page.
  2. Select the entity Customer from the list, and click Search.
    In this example, the Customer data records in the staging area are listed.
  3. In the Menu panel, click Govern > Staging Area to open the Staging Area page.
    The details about the records that may require validation are displayed in the Status area.
  4. Click the Start Validation button to start the validation process.
  5. Go back to the Staging Area Browser page, and click Search to refresh the staging data records of the Customer entity, which allows you to check the results of the match and survivorship process.
  6. Click one newly generated golden record to view its details.
    If the status of a golden record is 205 after the match and survivorship process, no Talend Data Stewardship task will be created, and in this case, this option is not available for the golden record or its source staging record(s).
  7. To drill down the match details, click More... and then select Match Plan to open the Match Plan dialog box, where you can check how the similar staging data records are matched and merged according to the match rule.
  8. Click More... and then select Open Task to go to the associated Talend Data Stewardship task page.
    After one or more tasks are resolved, you have to run the Staging validation again to take into account the record status changes.

    For more information about how to handle the merging tasks, see Handling merging tasks created by Integrated Matching.

  9. If needed, click Govern > Data Stewardship in the Menu panel to check all the unassigned tasks listed in the relevant campaign which is created automatically upon the deployment of the data model.
  10. In the Menu panel, click Browse > Master Data Browser to open the Master Data Browser page.
  11. Select the entity Customer from the list, and click Search.
    You can see that there are new master Customer data records that come from golden records built by a group of one or more similar staging Customer data records which are matched and merged according to the match rule attached to the Customer entity.