Scenario 1: Displaying selected data from DB table - 6.1

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The following scenario creates a two-component Job, reading data from a database using a DB query and outputting delimited data into the standard output (console).


As a prerequisite of this Job, the MySQL ODBC driver must have been installed and the corresponding ODBC connection must have been configured.

  1. Drop a tDBInput and tLogRow component from the Palette to the design workspace.

  2. Connect the components using Row > Main link.

  3. Double-click tDBInput to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.

  4. Fill in the database name, the username and password in the corresponding fields.

  5. Click Edit Schema and create a 2-column description including shop code and sales.

  6. Enter the table name in the corresponding field.

  7. Type in the query making sure it includes all columns in the same order as defined in the Schema. In this case, as we'll select all columns of the schema, the asterisk symbol makes sense.

  8. Click on the second component to define it.

  9. Enter the fields separator. In this case, a pipe separator.

  10. Now go to the Run tab, and click on Run to execute the Job.

    The DB is parsed and queried data is extracted from the specified table and passed on to the job log console. You can view the output file straight on the console.

    For an example of the use of Dynamic Schemas in Input components, see Scenario 4: Writing dynamic columns from a MySQL database to an output file.