Scenario: Calling a file which contains Groovy code - 6.3

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This scenario uses tGroovyFile, on its own. The Job calls a file containing Groovy code in order to display the file information in the Console.

Setting up the Job

Open the Custom_Code folder in the Palette and drop a tGroovyFile component onto the workspace.

Configuring the tGroovyFile component

  1. Double-click the component to display the Component view.

  2. In the Groovy File field, enter the path to the file containing the Groovy code, or browse to the file in your directory. In this example, it is D:/Input/Ageducapitaine.txt, and the file contains the following Groovy codes:

    println("The captain is " + age +  " years old")
  3. In the Variables table, add a line by clicking the [+] button.

  4. In the Name column, enter "age", and then in the Value column, enter 50.

Executing the Job

  1. Press Ctrl+S to save your Job.

  2. Press F6 or click Run on the Run tab to execute the Job.

    The Console displays the information contained in the input file, to which the variable result is added.