Scenario: Iterating on a list and retrieving the values - 6.3

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This scenario describes a two component Job in which a list is created and iterated upon in a tForeach component. The values are then retrieved in a tJava component.

  • Drop a tForeach and a tJava component onto the design workspace:

  • Link tForeach to tJava using a Row > Iterate connection.

  • Double-click tForeach to open its Basic settings view:

  • Click the [+] button to add as many rows to the Values list as required.

  • Click on the Value fields to enter the list values, between double quotation marks.

  • Double-click tJava to open its Basic settings view:

  • Enter the following Java code in the Code area: System.out.println(globalMap.get("tForeach_1_CURRENT_VALUE")+"_out");

  • Save the Job and press F6 to run it

    The tJava run view displays the list values retrieved from tForeach, each one suffixed with _out: