Scenario: Getting country names using tWebServiceInput - 6.3

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This scenario describes a two-component Job which uses a Web service method to obtain the country name corresponding to a given country code and displays the output on the Run console view.

  1. Drop a tWebServiceInput component and a tLogRow component from the Palette onto the design workspace.

  2. Link the two components using a Row > Main connection.

  3. Double-click the tWebServiceInput component to open its Basic settings view.

  4. Click the [...] button next to Edit schema to open the [Schema] dialog box and define the schema for the response from the Web service.

    In this example, the schema is composed of only one column: Result.

  5. In the WSDL field, specify the WSDL URL of the Web service to be used, in this example.

  6. If you are using a proxy server, select the Use http proxy check box and enter the necessary connection information.

  7. In the Method name field, enter the method to be used. Note that the method name is case sensitive.

    In this example, we use the method GetCountryByCountryCode.

  8. In the Parameters area, click the plus [+] button to add a row to the table, then enter a country code, fr in this example..

  9. Then save your Job and press F6 to execute it.

    The country information is returned from the Web service and displayed on the Run view.