Scenario: Zip files using a tFileArchive - 6.3

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This scenario creates a Job with a unique component. It aims at zipping files and recording them in the selected directory.

  1. Drop the tFileArchive component from the Palette onto the workspace.

  2. Double-click it to display its Component view.

  3. In the Directory field, click the [...] button, browse your directory and select the directory or the file you want to compress.

  4. Select the Subdirectories check box if you want to include the subfolders and their files in the archive.

  5. Then, set the Archive file field, by filling the destination path and the name of your archive file.

  6. Select the Create directory if not exists check box if you do not have a destination directory yet and you want to create it.

  7. In the Compress level list, select the compression level you want to apply to your archive. In this example, we use the normal level.

  8. Clear the All Files check box if you only want to zip specific files.

  9. Add a row in the table by clicking the [+] button and click the name which appears. Between two star symbols (ie. *RG*), type part of the name of the file that you want to compress.

  10. Press F6 to execute your Job.

The tFileArchive has compressed the selected file(s) and created the folder in the selected directory.