Scenario: Guessing the State name from an XMLRPC - 6.3

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This scenario describes a two-component Job aiming at using a RPC method and displaying the output on the console view.

  • Drop the tXMLRPCInput and a tLogRow components from the Palette to the design workspac.

  • Set the tXMLRPCInput basic settings.

  • Define the Schema type as Built-in for this use case.

  • Set a single-column schema as the expected output for the called method is only one parameter: StateName.

  • Then set the Server url. For this demo, use:

  • No authentication details are required in this use case.

  • The Method to be called is: examples.getStateName

  • The return class is not compulsory for this method but might be strictly required for another. Leave the default setting for this use case.

  • Then set the input Parameters required by the method called. The Name field is not used in the code but the value should follow the syntax expected by the method. In this example, the Name used is State Nr and the value randomly chosen is 42.

  • The class has not much impact using this demo method but could have with another method, so leave the default setting.

  • On the tLogRow component Component view, check the box: Print schema column name in front of each value.

  • Then save the Job and press F6 to execute it.

South Dakota is the state name found using the GetStateName RPC method and corresponds the 42nd State of the United States as defined as input parameter.