Scenario: Creating an index pool - 6.3

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This scenario describes a batch job that loads the address list of an SQL database into the index pool.

The database for this scenario is already saved in the Repository, so that all schema metadata is available.

  1. In the Repository view, expand the Metadata node and the directory in which the database is saved. Then drag this database into the design workspace.

    The dialog box below appears.

  2. Select tMysqlInput and then click OK to close the dialog box.

    The component is then displayed in the workspace.

  3. Drag the following components from the Palette into the design workspace: tMap and tUniservRTMailBulk.

  4. Connect tMap with tUniservRTMailBulk first.

    Accept the schema from tUniservRTMailBulk by clicking Yes on the prompt window.

  5. Connect the other components via Row > Main.

  6. Double-click tMap_1 to open the schema mapping window. On the left is the schema of the database file and on the right is the schema of tUniservRTMailBulk. At the bottom is displayed the Schema Editor, where you can find the attributes of the individual columns and edit them.

  7. Assign the columns of the input source to the respective columns of tUniservRTMailBulk. For this purpose, select a column of the input source and drag it onto the appropriate column on the right side. The meaning of the individual arguments is described in the Uniserv user manual mailRetrieval.

  8. Click OK to close the window.

  9. Double-click tUniservRTMailBulk to open its Basic Settings view.

  10. Fill in the server information and specify the service.

  11. Select Advanced Settings to adapt the server parameters.