What's new in Winter '18 - 6.5

What's new in Winter '18

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This technical note highlights the important new features and capabilities of Talend Winter ’18. Talend Winter ’18 includes the downloadable version of Talend 6.5.1 and the cloud-based Talend Integration Cloud Winter ’18 product. Unless explicitly stated, all the features described below are available in both versions.

Talend Winter ’18 delivers many customer-requested enhancements, new connectors, and important cloud, security and governance updates.

Supported features vary between Talend Open Studio and subscription products. Please refer to the http://www.talend.com product pages for more detail.

Unified Platform

The features described in this section are available in the downloadable version of Talend 6.5.1 only.

Winter '18 brings some new logging features to Talend Administration Center. The audit log traces all user interactions (access, modifications, configuration changes and more), while the security log is a subset of the audit log that focuses on specific security events. These logs provide greater visibility on what is happening inside Talend Administration Center and can be useful for compliance.

This release also sees the addition of a new Talend Administration Center Auditor Role. An auditor can only configure and access the audit log, providing greater security by clearly defining who can view the audit and security logs.

Additional SSO server options have been extended with the introduction of single-sign on for Ping Identity Ping Federate Server.

Big Data

The Winter '18 release sees several upgrades to supported distributions, enabling you to stay up-to-date and offering better performance and scalability. These changes include the generation of native MapReduce and Spark code to run on Cloudera CDH 5.12 (with Spark 2.2 support), and MapR 6.0; and the addition of Spark and Spark Streaming processing to Azure Data Lake Store with the tAzureFSConfiguration component.

The new release also supports document store with MapR-DB in addition to columnar data store, through MapR-DB JSON OJAI. This provides faster performance and greater flexiblity with data modeling for web, mobile, social, and IoT-based applications.

It is now possible to track application IDs from Hive Query, making it easier to track Talend jobs and manage Hive queries.

By making it possible to get and set rowkeys in HBase, you can better leverage HBase best practices and better work with time-series data.

Data Integration

The Winter '18 release brings SAP enhancements for improved performance and scalability, including: SAP bulk extraction for big data use cases: ELT push-down for SAP so processing is done natively within SAP; SAP S/4HANA support; business content extractor (Technical Preview) with delta mode, making it easier to extract new or changed pre-packaged SAP data for integration with potentially any cloud and on-premise Data Lakes and Data Warehouses; and HANA calculated views for complex calculations.