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After creating the Task that is ready to run in Talend Cloud Management Console, the data can now be retrieved in Talend Cloud Data Preparation in the form of a dataset.

Before you begin

In order to have the right to create a live dataset, your Talend Cloud Data Preparation role in Talend Cloud Management Console must be set as Administrator.


  1. Log in to the Talend Cloud platform and access the Talend Cloud Data Preparation application.
  2. From the left menu, click the Datasets tab to open the list of datasets.
  3. Click the white arrow next to Add Dataset and select From Talend Job.

    The Add Talend Job Dataset window opens.

  4. Enter a name for the new dataset, Live dataset TMC in this example.
  5. In the Username and Password fields, enter your Talend Cloud authentication information.
  6. Click Test connection.
    If the connection is successful, the second part of the form is displayed, where you can select the object to import. If the connection is not successful, an error message is displayed, detailing why the connection failed.
  7. From the Environment drop-down list, select the Talend Cloud environment which contains the Task that you want to run in order to create your dataset, Default in this example.
  8. From the Task drop-down list, select the Talend Cloud Management Console Task to run, live_dataset_tmc in this example.
  9. Click OK.


The data retrieved from the Task execution directly opens in the grid and you can start working on your preparation.

The dataset is added to the list in the Datasets view of the homepage.