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Talend Cloud Data Preparation User Guide

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Talend Data Preparation
When you are finished preparing a dataset extracted from Amazon S3, you may want to export your data.


  1. Click the Export button in the application header bar.
  2. Select the All data checkbox.
    In this example the result of the preparation is larger than the current sample size, 10000 rows by default.
  3. Select Amazon S3.
    The Amazon S3 export is only available if the result of your preparation is larger than 10000 rows by default.
  4. Enter your Amazon S3 access key and secret key in the corresponding fields.
  5. Manually enter the name of the bucket where you want to store the data.
    You don't need to select a region for your export. It will automatically be based on your datacenter.
  6. In the Object field, enter the path to the object that will store your data in the bucket.
  7. If you choose to select the Encrypt data at rest check box to enable data encryption, enter your KMS master key.
  8. If you chose to authenticate via a custom keytab, enter your principal and the path to your keytab file.
  9. Click Confirm.


The export process is launched in the background. You can check the status of the export, and download your output file in the Export history page. For more information, see The export history page.