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This procedure contains the steps to manually install Talend Data Preparation on your machine. For more information on Talend Data Preparation Installer, see Installing Talend Data Preparation with the Talend Data Preparation Installer.


To manually install and configure Talend Data Preparation, follow this procedure:

  1. Download a MongoDB 3 instance from and install it. For more information on how to install it, see MongoDB documentation.

  2. Unzip the file where you want Talend Data Preparation to be installed.

  3. Add mongo to the PATH environment variable.

  4. Create the dataprep database in MongoDB.

  5. Create the following user for the dataprep database in MongoDB:

    • Username: dataprep-user

    • Password: dprep

    You can automatically create the user and password by executing the <Data_Preparation_Path>/ file.

  6. Open the <Data_Preparation_Path>/config/ and edit the following Talend Data Preparation properties:


    All the passwords entered in the properties file are encrypted when you start your Talend Data Preparation instance.

    Table 25. 

    tac.urlEnter the URL to your Talend Administration Center followed by a /.
    public.ipEnter the URL you want to use to access Talend Data Preparation.
    server.portEnter the port you want to use for Talend Data Preparation user interface.
    tac.userEnter the username of your Data Preparation user in Talend Administration Center.
    tac.passwordEnter the password of your Data Preparation user in Talend Administration Center.

  7. Update the following fields with your MongoDB settings:

    Table 26. 

    mongodb.hostHost name of your MongoDB instance
    mongodb.portPort number of your MongoDB instance
    mongodb.databaseName of the database on which Talend Data Preparation is connected, dataprep by default. The database is created when you first launch Talend Data Preparation.
    mongodb.userUsername used to connect to the database
    mongodb.passwordPassword used to connect to the database

  8. Execute the file to start your Talend Data Preparation instance.