Configuring Jenkins to generate the sources

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To generate the sources of your Jobs and Tests on the Jenkins server, you need to:
  • link the GenerateSources Jenkins project to the SVN/Git project where your sources are stored. See Link the Jenkins project to the SVN/Git project.

  • decide how to generate your sources:
    • Recommended: locally (script mode): generate the sources of your Jobs and Tests locally without having to keep the Talend CommandLine up and running during the build execution, as the Talend CommandLine is called, used and shut down. It allows you to run several builds at the same time based on the same Talend CommandLine installation, however you need to use a different workspace for each build.

    • Alternative: remotely (server mode): generate the sources of your Jobs and Tests remotely using the Talend CommandLine which needs to be launched (often installed as a service).

      See Create the POM file to generate sources.

  • specify the parameters to generate sources in the GenerateSources Jenkins project. See Specify the parameters to generate the sources.