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Talend Repository Manager is a Talend web tool that allows you to move generated Jobs without recompiling them from development to production. This means that the generation of Jobs and thus the use of the Talend CommandLine application will no longer be required.

The archive files holding the Job sources, called standalone Jobs, are therefore sufficient to perform validation and regression tests on them. A benefit of this is that the Talend CommandLine version does not need to be maintained to the same version level as the Talend CommandLine application used in the Development environment, which simplifies the process. For more information on development environments, see Talend Development life cycle.

Note that, from the Talend Repository Manager application, the migration from one environment to the other can be scheduled to automate the execution of migration rules.
For example, you can set a rule in Talend Repository Manager to select project items to be migrated (like Jobs, Contexts, Metadata, etc.) between environments.

Once rules are set, you can automate and schedule their execution. For more information, see Passing items to the Production environment.